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Registration date: 30th Jun 2013
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Location: England
About Me
You can call me Lomcia.

I have been born in 1989 in Poland. At the moment I live in United Kingdom. I am a mother and a wife.

In 2007 finally I got my first art expose called “Two Worlds”.

princess_lom's Webcomics
Babylon the Great
When we meet Ruth Evie Pearl (Perła) she is 15 year old girl. She lives with her mother, father and little sister Hannah. Ruth is one of Jehovah Witnesses, and attends there meetings. She is a normal girl with a normal problems. Her crush - Michael - is dating other girl, hes friend is moving from London and Ruth needs to change school after Nick attacked her.
A lot is going on in her life.
If you want to know her better just read it :)

Last update: 13th Jul 2019
[Comic profile]
Sara was 15 years old when it happen. Aliens attacked Earth. She was abducted few times. A lot happened in her life. How to survive when you are under occupation of "the Grays".
Last update: Yesterday
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Life of memories [Mass Effect Fanfic]
Jane Shepard got a mission, to destroy collectors base in other galaxy. Ilusion man send her and few other people with her. It's a suicide mission, but if they won't do that, milky way can be destroyed! Shepard recruit drell, an assasin alien named Thane. She didn't know that she will fall in love with an alien.

It's just a short story of Thane x Jane, I was just unsatisfied with short romance in game, I made few additional scenes.

MASS EFFECT is a game made by BIOWARE

Last update: 18th Nov 2019
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RE: ECLIPSE Fan Arts / Art Trades etc.
Fan arts etc :D
Last update: 13 days ago
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Laos Chronicles
Story about princess, her future husband, his bastard brother and her kidnapper + his friend and dragon.
Last update: 11 days ago
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Laos Chronicles Fan Art/ Art Trades
Fan arts and Art Trades. Nothing more :)
Last update: 13 days ago
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