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Webcomic profile: The Law of Purple
The Law of Purple
A webcomic
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Content flags: Violent Content
Language: English
Genre: Other
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today, 5:00 AM
Number of comics: 1414
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Rating: 4.94 (62 votes)

Webcomic description

A comic about life, love, and little green teenagers.

Currently updating Tue/Th, The Law of Purple began on ComicGen way back in 2004, enjoying an all-too-brief home at the late ComicDish before finally landing at ComicFury (and, uh, actually CD's shutdown saw at least one delay entirely because LOP's archive was already so huge!)

LOP follows an eclectic family through an eclectic world (I think of it as a soap operatic space opera set in a Saturday Morning Cartoon universe) as they navigate a new life on Earth, hide from a murderous dictator who happens to be their cousin, and occasionally have to survive intergalactic politics! Once in a while somebody gets punched in the face; more rarely people get shot. =X

Most recent comments left on The Law of Purple

I'm not even sure how to warn for Doctor Dross just lying there like that in just one word or short phrase.

I created Zeva when I was like, eleven and kind of weird and edgy about certain kinds of things (...she's the only member of her original hypothetical siblings that I kept around) and then my kid brother was born when I was fourteen and gave me some very up close and personal experience with what it's like to have someone unexpectedly come into your life in that very specific kind of way?

It informs the way the characters talk about Zeva a lot is what I'm saying.

Next week is Tuesday and Thursday and then after that I'm seriously considering taking a couple weeks off because it's the holidays and I'm a janitor at a church XD
Left on If we could do it all over (bit of blood)
Golden Dragon Girl
Golden Dragon Girl
Last page of this scene tomorrow and then it's back to the Tue/Thurs schedule (which is probably good because Stuff Happened and it's sort of amazing I'm currently keeping up with my own promises lol)
Left on Not quite how Synn interpreted the statement
Shiisiln (Guest)
Left on Last Seconds (GORE, BLOOD)
Golden Dragon Girl
2 days ago
Golden Dragon Girl
Ding dong the doctor's dead

Two more pages of this, Thursday and Friday, and then it's back to the Tue/Thurs schedule

(also there's some concept for the next chapter in the 5$ tier on Patreon)
Left on Last Seconds (GORE, BLOOD)
Golden Dragon Girl
3 days ago
Golden Dragon Girl

This is actually the easiest character death decision I've ever made, I'll have you guys know
Left on apoplectic (violence, gore)